The marketing power of Lillicrap Chilcott

If you think Lillicrap Chilcott sounds familiar, the odds are you are probably right. The company has established itself as one of the most talked about estate agencies in the country; a nationally recognised brand synonymous with quality, imagination and innovation. It is a reputation we have worked hard to earn and it’s a reputation based entirely on our results.

So where might you have seen us? Well, to be honest, we’re actually rather hard to miss what with high profile advertising, an ever-increasing amount of newspaper and magazine editorial and a strong presence on the internet.

Tens of thousands of people see our adverts in the local newspapers every single week and many more will have seen the properties we are selling featured in more specialised publications like Country Life.

Our list of editorial credits is also long and impressive with our in-house Media & Marketing Department securing regular high profile coverage on the pages of everything from The Sunday Times to the Telegraph and Country Living to Coast.

Competition for such coverage is fierce, but no-one can argue that when it comes to staking a claim on those vital column inches, we are well ahead of the field.

Our approach has proved hugely successful for our clients with well-placed editorials resulting in literally thousands of calls from interested buyers, many of whom will then go on to purchase the house they’ve seen in the morning paper.

In summary, we offer a well planned, well executed and well tested approach to marketing your home.

It’s an approach that’s proved successful time and time again and an approach that can work for you.

For further information please call us on 01872 273473 or email [email protected].