How important is a south-facing garden?

If you’re in the process of looking for a new home you’ve probably noticed that a south-facing garden is often listed as a top feature. But is it worth the hype? Here are some of the advantages of purchasing a property that faces south.

All-day sunlight

The main advantage of a south-facing garden is that you will get the maximum hours of sunlight throughout the day, providing more natural light in your home and enabling you to enjoy the garden all day and entertain outside on warm sunny evenings.

Better gardening potential

Many plants and vegetables fare better in direct sunlight, so if you’re green-fingered and want to maximise your gardening potential, a south-facing garden is best. Since the garden will be drier you should also have fewer issues with moss and damp, although the soil will need watering more often than shadier outdoor areas.

Cheaper heating bills

Rooms that face south often stay warmer than other parts of the house, requiring less heating. Hanging laundry outside in a sunny south-facing garden is also preferable for drying clothes in a timely manner.

Are there any disadvantages to having a south-facing garden?

This all depends on your priorities and preferences. If you rarely sit outside and prefer shade to direct sunlight, a north-facing garden may suit you better. Too much sun can cause furniture and paint to fade, and constant changes in temperature and humidity may eventually cause walls to crack.

Will a south-facing garden increase my property value?

With all the hype about south-facing gardens you could reasonably expect that owning one will increase the value of your property, but you may be surprised. A study by Direct Line Insurance found that on average, a property with a south-facing garden only sells for 0.37% more than a property without. In comparison, a river view increases property values by 9% – a much more noticeable difference.

What other factors should I take into consideration?

When you view a property, make sure nothing is obscuring the path of the sun – tall trees or neighbouring houses may prevent you from enjoying the full benefits of having a south-facing garden. Try to view the property at different times of the day to ensure that you are satisfied with the amount of natural light it will receive.

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