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How to weatherproof your home
Feb 2019

With winter fast approaching, it’s a good time to think about weatherproofing your home. Low temperatures, high winds, and incessant rain can cause structural issues and make seemingly minor issues much worse. A few precautionary measures will not only save on heating bills – they will also add market value to your property when you are ready to sell.


Replace your boiler

If your boiler is more than 15 years old, upgrading it could be a worthwhile long-term investment. A condensing boiler could save you up to 25% on heating bills and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Clean your gutters

Autumn leaves might look pretty, but they can cause havoc with your gutters. Trapped rainwater can freeze and expand, causing damage in the process, and if water is running down the side of your house you may also get problems with damp. Clear out the gutters and if possible add wire mesh or a leaf-guard filter to prevent future issues.

Check your roof

Before the rainy season really begins, check your roof for any loose tiles and replace them to avoid possible leaks.

Fit draught excluders

Houses lose a lot of heat from poorly fitted doors and windows. Screw draught excluders to the bottom of your front door and over your letterbox, and fit a keyhole cover in front of your lock. If you have sash windows it may be worth getting them professionally draught-proofed to save on costly heating bills.

Check your pipes

Dealing with a frozen or burst pipe in the middle of winter is not fun. Make sure all your pipes are lagged and fix any dripping taps to stop water from leaking into the pipes and freezing.

What to look for in a property

If you are buying property and want to ensure your new home will be weatherproof, here are some questions to ask the sellers:

  • Can they explain the Energy Performance Certificate?
  • Have there been any issues with the boiler and when was it last replaced? Is it covered with lagging?
  • Is there loft insulation?
  • How new or sturdy are the drains and guttering? Have there been any issues with damp?
  • What are the average monthly heating bills?

If you are searching for your perfect home, Lillicrap Chilcott offers expert advice and professional service. Contact us today for more information.